If you have browsed our official website or bought one of our recently released pod systems, you may have noticed the name: Pyromesh Inside – So what is this and what does it mean?



Pyromesh Inside is an atomization technology developed by Shenzhen KingZone Tech Co,.Ltd. This technology is widely used in our vape products, such as disposable vapes, vape pod systems, and POD MOD. Although Pyromesh Inside was established in recent years, kingzonetech is committed to the technological innovation of vape devices since it is founded in 2013.


It is stunning that Pyromesh Inside owns many patents in China and worldwide. Kingzonetech has an excellent team in material and atomization areas. After making breakthroughs in structurology, materials science, hydromechanics, and other areas, the Pyromesh Inside was created. The technology is designed to revolutionize the taste experience of e-cigarettes. Covered with premium organic cotton, Pyromesh Inside is a metal conductor in the form of a mesh that can instantaneously vaporize e-liquid with a puff. The organic cotton fully absorbs e-liquid and delivers it into the mesh-shaped heating element. There are rubber gaskets inside to help keep the atomizer leak-proof, which can give the user a better vaping experience.




Pyromesh Inside is an innovative heating system that is composed of a mesh-shaped metal conductor and organic cotton. With this technology, you can make the most of every single drop of e-liquid, enjoy a cleaner flavor and intense vapor.


Several years ago, when vape pods or disposable vapes became popular, a few issues caused by the devices plagued many users. Leaking, burnt taste, dry hits, poor flavor over time. Many of the early vape pens used traditional vape coils, consisting of cotton plus a small coil. Although the emerging of vape pens was positive and revolutionary, performance issues continually corroded those feelings. Pod vapes are made for convenience, and they are small and lightweight, but poor performance is an easy target for blame.


With an ever-growing need for better atomization, Kingzonetech tried to change that. By changing the atomization structure, Pyromesh Inside significantly improved the atomization efficiency. Kingzonetech is proud of their atomization technology as avoiding of burn or dry hits, leak-free, and can produce optimal flavor consistency, delivering real tobacco flavors. In addition, Pyromesh Inside technology is able to offer a satisfying nicotine hit that vapers crave, even smokers.


It is said that the enhanced performance originates from the heating structure and material of a Pyromesh coil. Organic cotton can absorb optimal e-liquid volume without leaking or flooding, highly decreasing the leakage rate. And that heating element is said to provide an extremely greater surface area, a quick heating time and evenly heating for superior vaporization of e-liquid, bring pure and intense flavor and smooth vapor to you.


The Pyromesh Inside can replace the traditional atomization coil to offer a consistent premium vaping experience from the first puff to the last. Automated production and international inspection criteria ensure high quality and sound performance of Pyromesh coil.