How Long Does Vape Juice Last



A popular question for many vapers is that how long vape juice will last. Vape juice also has expiration date, as it contains a series of food-based ingredients. It is important to consider the expiry date of vape juice. The shelf life of any e-juice will depend on the type of ingredients that can be found inside.


Most Vape juice have a shelf life of around 2 years when it can be stored correctly. The question of how long does vape juice last really comes down to the way it is stored and the ingredients inside.


Can You Vape Expired E-liquid?

Like food and skin care products, most vape juice will have a printed expiration date to tell you which day it expires. When you decide to vape after the expiration date you can run the risk that the vape juice could be too dangerous to vape. The date tends to be a recommendation, but poor storage can also cause the e-juice to spoil before the date. The signal will be exhibited as follows. 



*Changed smell

*A loss in flavor

*A loss in nicotine

*A lack of vapor

*And so on.


If you are using vape juice to quit smoking, an expired vape juice may not serve the purpose you are looking for, as the nicotine content will be reduced so that it can guarantee the same effect. The food safe ingredients may not cause you any health effects, but the overall quality of the vapor and flavor will be at a loss.


How to Store Vape Juice?

When vape juice is exposed to air and light or too much heat, it will be oxidized and then go bad. There are a few tips to help you store e-juice and keep it stay fresh longer.


*Make sure they remain adequately sealed

*Store e-juice in a cool and dark place

*Ensure they are not exposed to liquids

*Use up the e-juice as soon as possible once you have opened before


How Long Does E-Juice Last After It Is Opened?

Once e-juice has been opened, it can still last two years from its manufacture date. As long as the bottle remains properly sealed with a or stored in your vaporizer sealed, you can make sure that it will enjoy the same expiry date. Just make sure that you can reseal e-juice as soon as possible if it's opened to prevent it from being exposed to outside elements, such as air, light and water.


How Long Can a Bottle of E-liquid Last When Vaping?

The time that vape juice lasts really depends on how much you vape. A larger bottle often last longer, which depends on the amount of heat that you are using with a vaporizer, you can conserve e-juice too. If you are going to be vaping at a high temperature regularly, you could easily go through 60ml a week. If vaping between 50 to 100 W with an average amount of vaping, you could consume at about 30ml of vape juice every week.



When you are choosing an e-liquid, it is significant to decide how much you might actually be vaping on a week to week basis. Thus, you will not buy too much e-liquid so that some may be get expired. Getting the ideal amount of e-juice for vaping each time can allow you to get the freshest flavors all the time. The expiry date on any type of vape juice will directly reflect the flavor of the e-liquid you vape.


Vape juice can last for two years if proper storage. Making sure that the e-juice is sealed first. And it is crucial to keep the e-liquid in a cool, dry and dark place when not in use. By being mindful of expiry dates and working to store your vape juice well, you can ensure the e-juice can keep the fresh flavors when you are using.