What is a Closed Pod System?

How Does it Work?

How to Use a Closed Pod System?

Advantages of the Closed Pod System

Best Closed Pod Systems


What is a Closed Pod System?

Closed pod systems are convenient, portable, and simple disposable pod devices and are friendly for beginners to try vaping. These vape pods consist of a compact battery and a cartridge that is prefilled with e-liquid. They do not require refilling. And the battery is designed with a magnetic structure to connect the pod cartridge firmly. The pod systems are popular in the market as they are the perfect choices for vapers who are on the go but still want to enjoy their vaping. In general, they often feature a variety of flavors. You can experience different flavors of e-liquid in the easiest way.


How Does it Work?

The vape coil is an important part of the pod systems that turn the e-liquid into vapor. The coil heats up the e-liquid and makes it fully vaporized, and then offers vapor production and flavor delivery. The coil itself is wrapped in organic cotton or other wicking material which absorbs the e-liquid. And the battery generates power for the coil and converts it to heat.


How to Use a Closed Pod System?

To use the closed pod systems for the first time, you can follow these steps.

The vape pods usually come full-charged. Charge the device via a charging cable when the battery is running low.

Install the pre-filled pod to the device body. The device has a magnetic structure that helps the pod lock into place.

Most closed systems have no button, and it is auto-draw, simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale it to enjoy your puffs.

When the e-liquid of the pod runs out, just replace a new one.


Advantages of the Closed Pod System

Closed pod systems are very simple to use and come ready to vape.

Usually, the closed pod system has no button and is draw-activated, so it is the perfect choice for new vapers.

It is non-refillable, so you need not carry any e-liquid around.

Once the closed vape device is finished, just throw the vape cartridge away and plug in a new one.


Best Closed Pod Systems




The closed vape pod system comes with a variety of colors to be customized. It features Kingzonetech’s patented coil technology for better vapor production and flavor delivery. The vape device could offer dense vapor, pure flavor, and a warm throat hit. And they are beginner-friendly and easy-to-use.


Automatic draw

Pyromesh technology

Built-in 400mAh battery

Output power:8.1-11W

2ml pod capacity

Sleek, ergonomic design with a comfortable grip

Type-C fast charge

Dense, smooth vapor and pure flavor

LED indicator

Available in various colors





Customize your e-cigs with stylish, technologically advanced closed vape devices. The ergonomic vape pod features health prompt. After you take 15 puffs within 15mins, the device will vibrate twice and its Led indicator will flash 2 times, which means that you have smoked almost one cigarette. That is a very thoughtful function. The e-cigarettes could help smokers decrease or even cease smoking. And it features a large, internal battery for long life and pyromesh technology for an impressive flavor experience.



400mAh internal battery

2ml cartridge capacity

Pyromesh Technology    

Type-C Fast Charge

Output Wattage: 7.5-10.2W

Health Prompt

LED indicator

Smooth vapor, fresh and pure flavor

Come in various gradient colors





This is the lightest vape starter kit in kingzonetech, only weighs 25g. It is meticulously crafted to provide a premium vaping experience from all respects, delivers pure flavor and MTL(mouth-to-lung) vaping. The mouthpiece is shaped to fit your lips and make vaping effortless. The starter kit comes with different colors and nicotine salts flavor options to satisfy customer’s preferences.




Built-in 350mAh Battery      

Output wattage: 6.4W-9.25W

Type-C Fast Charge

1.5ml pod capacity(Approx.300 Puffs)   

Organic Cotton Coil

Funnel-shaped airway design for condensate free

Deliver Soft, pure taste

Various colors available






This one of the most popular closed vape pod systems in kingzonetech. It has an ergonomic design, high quality, and affordable price. The vape devices have no button or any completed setting. And it features a condensate-proof structure to prevent leaking, boosting the user experience. The water-shape LED indicator, stylish appearance, and gradient colors make it different.




Organic Cotton Coil   

Deliver mellow, soft flavor

Built-in 350mAh Battery    

Output Wattage: 6.4W-9.25W

2ml cartridge capacity(Approx.370 Puffs)

Unique funnel-shaped structure for condensate free

Sleek, ergonomic design

LED indicator

A range of colors options