A Guide to Your First Vape Pen


Where will you be vaping?

When you buy vape devices online, you will find that there are many sizes of vapes. Some are very super portable, as small as your finger, while some are bulky and large with lots of accessories that can boost and customize your vaping experience. Different kinds of vape devices are suitable for vaping in different place. So the question is, where will you be vaping? If you want to vape on the go, you should get a portable vaping device. As a beginning, start with a small, portable vape kit is a best choice. Later, you can use a pod mod.


If you are thinking of purchasing your e-cigarette, this article is great for you. If you never owned a vape device before, you will do not know what your personal preferences is. Don’t worry. In this guide, we will help you know about vape pens before you buy. The factors should be considered as follows.


What is Your Vape Budge?

Indeed, portable vape pods are cheaper than mod. If you are new to vaping, choosing an economical, yet reliable vape pen is often the best route for you to explore your preferences first. But a extremely cheap one can sacrifice quality and end up costing you more in the long term. Thus, if you already know what you want in vaping, you can pick a high-quality vape device. If your budget is tight or if you are unsure which to choose, just consider a disposable vape pen. These vape pend usually come prefilled and pre-charged. They are intended for single use until their e-liquid or internal batter (non-rechargeable) runs out. 


What will You be Consuming with Your Vape Pen?

There are different substances that you can place in your vape pen, including vape juice, wax, dry herbs, etc. While most vape pens are designed to be used with only one type of material, so choosing which material to consume is also a important issue.

Besides, different vape pens use different concentrates, this is a question that can’t be ignored before you decide which vape pen to buy.


What Flavor Do You Like?

The thing about vaping is that it has a lots of tasty flavors to choose from. It smells better than cigarettes. E-juices can emit a more aromatic smell that makes it okay for you to vape while you have company around since the smell will not be bothersome when you inhaling.


What is Your Preferred E-liquid Capacity?

Portable vape pens can have large or small e-liquid capacity. Take Kingzonetech vapes as an example. The maximum e-liquid capacity of vape kit from Kingzonetech can reach up to 12ml, which will last for 7-10 days, depending on how much you use it. Usually, these large-capacity vapes can be recharged. At Kingzonetech, small-capacity vape devices can provide you with all-day vaping. Large capacity or small capacity, it is up to you. If you are a heaver smoker, the large-capacity one is perfect for you.