Hyber Inside: Boosting Your Vaping Experience


Driven by a self-developed HYBER chip, our products ensure multiple protection for safety use. It can ensure overtime protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, low voltage protection, and charging protection. For instance, the Hyber chip can make the power cut off when you overcharge the battery, fire the vape below a pre-set safe voltage. And when the puffs you take have reached a certain number, the device will automatically cut off. The atomization temperature can instantly raise to a moderate status, strengthening the stability and user experience of the vaping devices.



Hyber Inside is an innovative chip technology developed by Shenzhen Kingzone Tech Co,.Ltd. Kingzonetech was a large vaping device manufacturer, striving to create a better vaping experience for global consumers. Currently, they also own abundant experience in the e-cigarette sector and powerful research and development strength with multiple patents of technological invention. Their e-cig products such as vape mods and pod mods use Hyber Chip technology. The Hyber chip is the brain of the vape mods or pod mods. It can improve the quality of your vapor and flavor, add an extra level of fun to your vaping experience, and even make your battery last longer. 



Safety Guarantee

The most primitive vape mod product - box mods, had no safety cutoff systems and they are incredibly dangerous. If you accidentally installed the wrong coil, overcharged your batteries or even just held down the fire button for too long, your box mod could overheat, short circuit, and even explode without warning. It was a dangerous way of vaping, and totally unsuitable for the majority of vapers. Later, vape device manufacturers began to install a chip in their vape mod products in response to such issues. Nowadays, it has already become an industry standard.



The intelligent Hyber chip features strong explosive power. It has an extremely quick time to rapidly power your atomizer and vaporize the e-liquid. The ignition speed can increase to 0.001s, which can enable the vape products to instantly fire and reach the power peak. You can instantly enjoy rich flavors, dense clouds, and a more powerful throat hit, and get an exceptional vaping experience from the very first puff.


Intelligent Control

Integrated with a new intelligent 16Mhz high-speed oscillator, the Hyber chip can intelligently control the output, providing the users with continuing powerful output. Constant stable output can keep the taste consistent and steady from the first puff to the last when the power is at a lower level.


Hyber Inside: Plan in the Future

Hyber Inside is a brand technology authentication program. This is a specific logo mark that will appear on our website or product package. In the future, each kingzonetech vape product that uses Hyber technology will be easy to identify. And the Hyber Inside logo will be registered as a worldwide trademark.